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Friday, November 13, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cooks-The Book Signing!

My sister bought a cookbook that Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond wrote. She found out that Pioneer Woman would be doing a Book Signing at a LR Wal-Mart, Nov 9th. She called and asked if I wanted to go with her. Since I've been following Pioneer Woan's Blogs for almost a year, now, I decided that might be fun. So, I went with her, and we took Landon. The book signing was to start a 6:00pm. We got there right on time and went to the back of the line. Ree was sitting at the front of the store, and we were at the back.

By 6:15pm, the line behind us, had grown.  My sister is the one holding the cookbook.

Landon was being cute for all those around him. We had the stroller, but he wanted down for some of the time.

By 8:00pm, we had moved up to the jewlery counter, and got to speak to Pioneer Woman's Husband. She calls him, Malboro Man. We discovered that his name is Ladd Drummond. He wa talking to the crowd as we waited in line. He also signed the books, for some. This was the line behind us, at 8:00pm. And there was MM signing books.

By this time, Landon had decided that he wanted to go "hum" (home) and watch the "Diddles" (Wiggles).
He was beginning to get fussy, but was still being pretty good.

We finally got to the front of the line at 9:00pm. Ree is a very sweet woman. She signed the books, and talked to everyone as they came up. April told her that she had a message from her 4 1/2 yo son. Isaac had told his Momma to tell Pioneer Woman, that "she's very pretty, and that would be a nice thing to tell her". Ree laughed and said that that was the "nicest thing anyone had said to me all night"! LOL A Wal-Mart employee offered to tak our picture with PW, so we did! Landon thought her hair was soft and pretty. lol

Me, Landon, Pioneer Woman, and my sister April

All-in-all, we enjoyed ourselves, but 3 hours was a LONG time! LOL But, April got her book signed and we met a very nice Blogger!


  1. I clicked over from your comment on Life on Our Farm. I love reading everyone's experience with getting their books signed by Ree. I wrote one up on my blog from when she was in Phoenix. I was in line at 5:30 and she signed my books right about 11pm. Thankfully we had chairs to sit and wait. I got my book signed by Missy and PW's mother in law. YOU guys got to meet MM! Cool!!

  2. Amy it was very nice to meet you, even in such a long line!

    It's funny, finding my picture on at least three blogs now.

  3. So fun!!! I don't think we did get to talk in line so I'm glad you left a comment letting me know we were line buddies! :) I love your picture with Landon touching PW's hair! It looks like he wants to give her bunny ears. ;)


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