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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Poor Sick Baby

If you've read my blog at all this month, you know that Landon has had pnuemonia. Here is my sick baby.

He started running fever on Saturday, the 9th. He had been coughing for several days before that, but had been improving. On the 9th, he had a temp of 102.5, and was coughing and having trouble breathing. His doctor didn't have any openings that morning, so I took him to the ER. He was diagnosed with the pneumonia. He was given an antibiotic shot in his right leg, and some antibiotic to take at home. The at home antibiotic was azythromiacin (sp?). Landon continued to run a temp of 103 and above for the rest of the weekend.
On Monday morning, I noticed this:

His right arm was swollen, hot, sore to the touch, and very red. I called the doctor. Again, they had no available openings, so they told me to take him to Children's ER. After having two doctors look at him, they decided it was either a viral rash or an allergic reaction to the azythromiacin (sp?). So, they changed his antibiotic and sent him home. His new medicine was Augmentin. They warned us that the medicine could cause a lot of bad diapers. If he got worse, I was to take him to the doctor or bring him back to the ER. His temp was still around 103.
Tuesday, his fever was still around 102, but his arm seemed to have improved. It was a slight pink color. That night, I noticed this:

I figured that it was probably diaper rash, but maybe the allergy from the first medicine was still in his system and was coming out when he pottied. Tuesday, he had a temp of 101.
Wednesday morning, I saw this:


and this:

Now, I didn't know what to think. So, I called the doctor, again. They happened to have one last appointment for that afternoon. So, I took him. At this point, he still had a temp of 100. The doctor decided that it probably wasn't a viral rash, due to the fact that most viral rashes come AFTER the fever is gone. He said that it was more than likely the allergic reation to the azythromiacin (sp?). He said that rashes usually take on a life of their own, and this one was just going to take some time to get totally out of his system. He told me to give him some Benadryl and keep an eye on him. If the fever got worse, or the rash did, to stop giving him the Augmentin and bring him back.
That night, I gave him the Benadryl. The next morning, there was no trace of the rash. But, that's when our next problem began.
By Thursday afternoon, Landon had filled his diaper several times. I noticed that his bottom was a little pink, so I gave him the Benadryl, again, thinking the rash might be coming bak. The doctor had said that was possible for a couple of days. By Friday morning, Landon had a horribly burned bottom. The poor thing was in misery. We knew the second he filled his diaper. He would start sceaming. It was horrible trying to wrestle him. He fought and screamed the entire time I was changing his diapers. Kalina told me to try putting Mylanta and Baby Powder on him. I was also putting Boudreaux's Butt Paste on top of all that.
Finally, by Tuesday morning, the burns were almost completely healed. Today, it's looking a little worse, but not to the point that he screams or even cries. I hope he's on the mend, now. He finished the Augmentin yesterday, but has a runny nose today.
Every night, he's been coughing most of the night. When he wasn't, I was. Btw, did I tell you that during all of this, I was fighting a raging Sinus Infection? :-\ Yeeeah! My antiboitics didn't seem to be doing their job, though. I'm still hacking and coughing. Lane, also is now sick. The doctor said he sounded croupy, so he gave him a steroid (since his lungs are sensitive to these things) and told me to give him some cough medicine and his inhaler. Tomorrow is his last day for the steroid, so we'll see how he's doing by the end of the week.
Blake is the one I'm worried about. If he had been the one who had had the pneumonia, he'd have been in the hopital. He had it a couple of years ago, and was in the hospital for a week. I'm tring to keep him away from the others, but that's almost impossible in our liitle house.

Well, this little story is turning into a novel, so I best get off. I'm trying to get the kids to take a nap, today. Half of them are sick and the other half are grouchy, so a nap sounds good to me! :-P

For those who have been praying for our little family, thank you so very much! We love each and every one of you.
May God bless you all!

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