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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Simple Woman's Daybook~3

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FOR TODAY... February 8, 2010

Outside my window... It is snowing! The biggest, prettiest flakes I've seen in a LONG time! It's coming down so fast! It's beautiful!

I am thinking...  Surely 2010 will get better! It's been rough on this family so far.

I am thankful for... Income Taxes!!!

I am wearing... My Warm Pajamas

I am going... To be staying indoors, today. The snow is so pretty, and the boys would love to be out i it, but I am not willing to risk the sickness. There has been too much of it, already.

From the learning rooms... I'm getting my list together of all the things I need to buy for this year's work. I'm so excited about doing something new! The boys are, too.

I am creating... A new Budget for 2010. With our Income Taxes, hopefully we can get back on track! Say a prayer for us!

I am hoping... That my throat will quit hurting very soon!

On my mind... My neighbor's Dad passed away the other day. His funeral is today. Her husband moved out just before Christmas. She's having a really hard time right now. I'm not able to go to the funeral and that's making me sad.

Noticing that...  I've only eaten two pieces of candy from the box my husband bought me last week. Is that weird? I just don't seem to want it. I guess that's good, since I'm trying to lose 10 pounds!

Pondering these words... 'She seeketh wool and flax, AND WORKETH WILLINGLY WITH HER HANDS.' ~ Proverb 31:13 It was recently brought to my attention that this doesn't just mean 'being one's own choice to do these things'. It also means 'Cheerfully; found to be pleasant; without reluctance; desirable; delightsome; on purpose.'

I am hearing... Landon's running around yelling, 'NO!NO!' (His version of SNOW).

From the kitchen... I've got just enough meals to get us through till payday. Turkey Meatloaf, Turkey and Gravy, Chicken Breasts, and a Ham.

Around the house... I've got a lot a work to do. I've got the In-Laws coming this weekend.

One of my favorite things...  Baby Giggles!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'd like to take the boys to the Library. I have to go on a major Grocery Shopping Spree at the end of the week. I need to take Landon back to the Doctor to have his ears checked out. We want to make sure the shots worked. I have to pay bills, make a grocery list, and a menu plan for the next two weeks.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
This is my Mom and Dad. Can't you just see how much they love each other? This summer, they will have their 33rd Anniversary. That's the way I want to look at Anthony in 20 years! (Well, now, too, but you know what I mean!) lol



  1. Aw lovely post. And lovely photo of your parents. Thanks for sharing your day and your plans. Hope ya'll can enjoy the 'no' with no sickness. Have a Blessed Week.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. Sore throats are the worst. I seem to have had my share of them. I hope you're feeling better soon! I enjoyed your daybook. :)


  3. Isn't it great when the menu plan works and good meals last through payday:)


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