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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I thought I'd share some random pictures from over the last few days:

The first set: Daddy bathing Landon and Blake. Landon decided it was fun to stick his head under the running water.
The next set: Landon's Boo-boo. Momma left for town, while Landon was napping. When Momma got back home, she found this:
"Ow! Hurts!" Apparently, Daddy let the boys ride bikes, and Landon woke up and wanted to ride his trike. Somehow he ended up going down the driveway and fell off.
Blake waving to Daddy!
Next Set: Landon and Seth (one of the Twin Cousins) Reading.
"Yay! We did it!" They were having so much fun, that evening. Will (my Brother) had a class that night, so Nicole brought the twins over and had supper with us. Meredith (the other Twin) wouldn't be still for pictures. LOL
Next Set: Landon's New Boots! He loves his new boots! Momma found them on sell for $5.00! He wants to wear them all the time.
"Look at them, Momma! Boots!" He's so proud of them.
Last set: Momma's Ouchy! Momma slapped the wall with her little pinky fingure and made it hurt very bad! It bruised up and got all swollen, and it is bent forward.
It really hurt! These pictures DO NOT do it justice. I'm not sure if I jammed it or what. I don't think it's broken, though.....
Well, I hope you enjoyed the randomness!


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