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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Weekend Plans

   We are getting packed up to go see family this weekend. This evening, we are headed to eat dinner with my youngest brother, Cody, and go see his house. He bought a house the end of last year, and we haven't had the chance to go see it, yet.
Then the plan is to spend the night with a cousin of mine, since Cody has no beds.
We'll get up in the morning and keep going to Anthony's older Brother's for the weekend. We haven't been able to go to their home for about 4 1/2 years. :(
Jonathan and Jennifer have 3 boys that are close in age to our 3 oldest. They love seeing each other.

The plans for the weekend will probably be pretty crazy, but it will be fun, too.
   We're hoping to get to Jon and Jen's by noon. Jen will try to get her boys out of school by 1:00. Their second son, Justin, has been playing in a Baseball tournament this week, and if he winns both games tonight, we'll get to see him play tomorrow, night. We'll go somewhere for supper (somewhere quick if he has a game, somewhere ele, I think, if there's no game).
   Saturday, Their youngest, Garrett, has a soccer game at 11:00, and them Jen is suppose to coach a second game at 11:45.(Their oldest, Connor, was suppose to have a soccer game at 8:00, but it was canceled.) Then we're suppose to go to her Parent's for lunch and maybe family bday party for Justin. (Justin will be 9 on Sunday, and Anthony will be 32 on Sunday.) Their congregation is also having a meeting Saturday night and Sunday, so we'll go to Church at 5:00 and then go eat Pizza for supper with everyone.
I'm so excited, because I'll also get to see Jason and Kate (Jason is the one they're having come do the sermons) I'll get to give Kate that big hug I've been waiting to give her. They've been in the process of adopting a baby from Taiwan, and got the news a month ago, that Baby Mia was born! We are all excited! That made the 3rd baby born over there, that we hope to meet one day!
   Sunday, Services will be at 10:00, we'll have lunch there on the grounds, and then have services at 3:00. I think we'll head home after that.
   We're going to be tired when we get home, but, Lord willing, it will be because we had tons of fun!

The next three days, I have my posts scheduled, so that I can keep caught up with my Scripture posts! I finally got all caught up! Yay! Now to stay that

See you when we get back! Please pray for safe travels for us!


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