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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Busy!

So, I've been so busy, that I never even remembered to post on here, this week! OOPS! LOL
I haven't posted my Daily Chapters. I skipped Tuesday's Simple Woman's Daybook. I was going to blog about our fun, crazy weekend in Oklahoma, and haven't done it, yet. I cooked all day with Nicole, and forgot (again) to take pictures of our work. UGH!
I have so much housework to do, it's not even funny!
So, no, I haven't fallen of Earth, I've just been crazy busy! If all the craziness doesn't do me in, lol, I'll be back when I'm done!

On another note:
Please pray for all the families trying to adopt from His Hands in Taiwan. Three of my dearest friends are waiting to go get their precious babies, and one couple is there now, but having trouble. The baby is legally theirs in Taiwan, but AIT (the American Embassy in Taiwan) is refusing to issue his visa because his birthparents were married so he's not LEGALLY considered an orphan.  From what I understand, he is considered legally theirs in the U.S., also. Please pray that AIT will change their minds soon! This family is about to have to make a VERY tough decision. Extend their stay in Taiwan, or come back home without their sweet baby and go back another time. This is so heartbreaking.
Thanks for your prayers.


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