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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

George Washington

Things we've learned about:
George Washington
By: The Dorse Boys

  1. He was the 1st President of the United States of America! ~ Blake
  2. He was a great man ~ Blake
  3. He lead the Revolutionary War and won! ~ Jacob
  4. It seems like God was always protecting him when he was in wars. ~ Jacob
  5. He caught Smallpox while out of the country the one and only time he left. ~ Lane
  6. He was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian War. ~ Lane
  7. He married a lady with two kids. ~ Blake
  8. His wife's name was Martha Dandridge Custis. ~ Lane
  9. He never had any kids of his own, just Martha's. ~ Jacob
  10. His daddy died when George was 11. ~ Lane
  11. He was a surveyor. ~ Lane
  12. His false teeth weren't made of wood. They were made from his slave's teeth, that he bought from them. ~ Jacob
  13. One of his slaves ran away. He was going to kidnap her, but she tried to make a deal with him. That made him angry, so he gave up getting her home, and she never saw her family again. ~ Lane
  14. He had a few slaves, and when he married Martha, he got tons more. ~ Lane
  15. He was second-class as a child, and became first-class when he got married. ~ Lane
  16. In his will, he freed his slaves after Martha died. But she was afraid for her life, so she freed them earlier. ~ Lane
  17. He died from pneumonia. He was bled too much. ~ Lane
  18. In the French and Indian War, he was almost killed by his Indian Guide. ~ Lane
  19. His helper wanted to kill that guide, but George let him go. ~ Jacob
  20. He wrote a letter to his brother, that said the sound of bullets whizzing by his ear was like music to him and calmed him. ~ Jacob
  21. In one of the battles in the French and Indian War, he had two horses shot out from under him. ~ Jacob
  22. A bullet also was shot through his hat and one went through his sleeve, in that same battle. ~ Lane
  23. During The Revolutionary War, he attacked Trenton, New Jersey, on Christmas Eve. None of his men were hurt. ~ Lane
  24. He used spies in the Revolutionary War. ~ Lane
  25. He used codes and disappearing ink to write letters to his men. That way, the British didn't know what he said, if the messengers were caught. ~ Lane
  26. He served as President for two terms, but could have been President for life, if he'd wanted. He also could have been King of America, too. ~ Lane
  27. There is a picture of him on the $1.00 Bill. ~ Blake
  28. The name of his estate was Mount Vernon. ~ Jacob

And that is what we learned about George Washington.

The next President we get to learn about, will be John Adams. We can't wait!
But first, we get to learn more about Martha.


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