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Friday, July 9, 2010

New Floors!

We have been talking about pulling up our carpet for some time, now. But, couldn't afford to do anything else. Well, we've finally decided to go ahead and do it. In a couple of weeks, we plan to pull up the carpet, paint the concrete, and paint the walls (and ceiling, if we have enough money).

So, the plan is this:
  • pack everything we can into boxes
  • get all furniture, we don't HAVE to have to live, out
  • send the boy's to Mom and Dad's for a week (or 2 depending on how long Mom can stand them LOL) The boys cannot be here while carpet is getting pulled up, or while the painting is going on.
  • the boys will go to Mom's on that Friday night, and Anthony and I will get everything but our mattress and couch out.
  • Saturday, whomever can come help me will have to help get those items out and pull up carpet (and the linoleum, if that's possible ~ if not, then we'll leave it), fill in holes in floor (and maybe wall), and if there's time, start painting the floor
  • Anthony will not be here. He has no free Saturdays for a while. I'd wait till he had time, but I'm sick to death of all the illnesses here, so carpet must go!!
  • On the following Monday, I'll continue to paint the floor (if anyone wants to help).
  • when the floors are done, I'll do the ceiling
  • if there's no money to do the ceiling, we'll move the bed and couch back in (they can sit in the middle of the floors in bedroom and living room
  • plastic will cover couch and bed during the day, and I'll paint the walls and trim
  • we also need to fix the boys' closet  we need to get some wood and paint it and put it up, as there are no longer any doors there
  • when the walls are done we'll begin to bring the furniture back in and I'll unpack the boxes one at a time and put things were I want them, and get rid of the stuff I don't want
  • The boys will probably come home while I'm doing the boxes. They have schoolwork to do.
  • I'll probably end up having a yard sale (which could help with the expenses) when I'm all done.
  • While the painting is going on, I'll have the crock pot going. So, the next couple of weeks, I also have to make up some freezer crock pot meals. (any suggestions?)
  • I'll be taking some before, during, and after pictures of it all.
Well, that's the plan, anyway. After that, I can slowly (as the money allows) get the decorating details done (curtains, bedspreads, and the like). That could take years though! LOL


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  1. How exciting!!!! :D I can't wait to see pics!


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