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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Life These Days!!!!

So, my life has been super crazy lately. I'm beyond behind in my Daily Bible Blog Posts. I apologize. I'm trying to get caught up, but I may go past the end of the year. :/

 First, I started having some trouble with my blood pressure and heart rate. There were times when I'd be sitting, doing nothing, and my heartrate would suddenly jump up to 140. After a shower, it would be as highh as 180. I felt terrible. I couldn't sleep. I went to the doctor and he gave me some sleeping pills, to help me get some sleep. My heart has seemed to be fine, ever since. Occasionally, it gets a little high, but I've noticed it's usually when I'm extremely tired.

 Next, Landon got really sick. He couldn't get over a cold, and began to have trouble sleeping, due to a stopped up nose. I took him to the doctor and he gave him a bunch of meds. Two days later, everything fell apart!

 Thursday, November 28th, I was cleaning furiously, getting caught up from feeling bad and Landon being clingy. I had the in-laws coming that night, and I wanted the house clean. I had had less than 3 hours of sleep the night before, on top of two weeks of many sleepless nights. But, I got a lot done, and the in-laws came.
That night, Anthony decided that, since he was taking the next day off, he'd stay up with Landon, so I could go to bed. I took a sleeping pill about 10:30pm and went to bed. The in-laws and the kids had also gone to bed. At midnight, I was suddenly awakened by a severe pain in my right side,abdomin, and back. I could not catch my breathe. I made it to the Living Room, where Anthony and Landon were still up watching Veggie Tales. I ended up in the floor sobbing, in horrific pain. It scared Anthony. He went and got his Mom and they decided I better go to the ER. I think we all were worried it was my appendix. We got to the ER about 12:30am. I was in a room in about 15 min, I think. They started talking like it might be Kidney Stones. By 3:45am, I had still not seen a doctor, nor had I been given anything for my pain. Anthony works at the hospital, doing A/C Maintainance, so I was starting to think he might have to start calling the right people (if you know what I mean). He did get a nurse to finally come at 4am to give me something. The doctor finally showed up at 6am.
 He decided it probably was my appendix, so he wanted me to get a CAT Scan. So, I drank my nasty drink and went in for the Scan about 8:30am, I think. A new doctor (the first one went home at 7) came in and told me that it was NOT my appendix, but it was a blood clot in the vein of my right overy. YIKES! Problem was, she had never heard of it, so she went to call my GYN.
 She came back and said they wanted me to go to their office Monday Morning (they are closed Fridays) for a sonogram. While she was telling me this, my GYN called her and changed the plans. I then went BACK to Radiology and had a Sonogram done right then. They found nothing "Dangerous", so at 12:30PM (12 hours after getting there), I was sent home with Pain killers, and instuctions to go to my GYN for another Sonogram and to see what could be done. Come to find out, they were saying I had  Ovarian Vein Thrombosis (which is rare anyway, but my case was extremely rare!) Apperantly, this is can happen a couple of days after a hysterectomy or C-Section, and is accompanied by Fever and Vomiting. I had neither, and my Hysterectomy was back in Dec '09.
 Anyway, I spent the weekend in bed (they didn't want me doing anything) on pain killers. The in laws went home Sunday afternoon, and the boys went to my parents' that night. Anthony took Monday off, so he could take me to the GYN. Monday morning, I called the office to make an appointment. Two hours later, after talking to 10 different people, I had an appointment that afternoon, for Lab work, and an appointment for the next afternoon for the Sonogram and Dr visit. Since I'd had Bloodwork done at the ER, I wasn't sure why they had to do it at the office, but decided they must need they're own done.
 In the meantime, we discovered that my Sister had been in the ER Sunday night. (Which is a whole 'nother story). She had gotten the stomach bug, and that makes her VERY ILL! Anyway, Anthony ended up going to get the boys from Mom, so she could take care of the other Grandson (and so that ours wouldn't be exposed to the bug). He called his Mom, to see if they could come back and get the boys for the week. They of course, said yes! So, we took the boys with us to the doctor. Anthony just stayed in the car with them, since I was just doing bloodwork. Well, the bloodwork never happened! Someone had not read my chart, when making the decision to do the bloodwork. The point of the Labs was to do a...(get this)... A PREGNANCY TEST!!!!!!!! ME! I had a HYSTERECTOMY!!!!!!! Yeah! Wasted trip!
 Anyway, the in-laws came back and got the boys. Anthony couldn't take anymore time off, so my Aunt took me back to the doctor the next day. They did another sonogram. Said it looked okay, but wanted to see me again in a week, and to go home and rest and not do much.
 Anthony went and got the boys that weekend, and the younger 2 boys went and stayed with Mom and Dad that week, while the older 2 came home to help me and do Schoolwork.
 I went back to the doctor and they decided that since the pain was better, and my ovary looked good, they weren't going to worry about it. I also found out I had a cyst on my left ovary, which explained why I was experiecing some pain on that side, too. We'll never now what happened. I'm not even sure if had really been a blood clot, of if maybe I'd had a cyst on the right ovary that busted. If it was a bloodclot, they don't know why.
 I'm still experiencing some pain, now and then. I am still trying to build my strength back up, but it's been extremely difficult. Everything wears me out completely. But, I Am getting better!
  So, hopefully, things will get caught back up around here, soon.

In other exciting news, Anthony's yonger brother's wife had her baby, on the 21st!! The first baby GIRL on his side of the family! After 3 boys, and 7 Grandsons, the in-laws are overjoyed!
She came 3 weeks early, but is doing fine. She went home this evening. She was 5lbs, 13oz, and 19 3/4 in long. I can't wait to meet her! Her name is Reagan Olivia. The boys and I call her "Little Rose". For those of you who have read "Eight Cousins" by Louisa May Alcott, will understand why! For those who have's about a little girl named Rose, and her 7 boy cousins! It's a cute story, and my boys and I love it!

Well, that's all for now!


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