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Monday, November 7, 2011

Walking Away the Pounds ~ Day 1

Day One didn't go as planned. Anthony was off work, today, so none of us got up early. I didn't know he was off until after I had written yesterday's post. But I did manage to get a workout in.

I stepped on the scale, this morning. It said "XXX.X lbs". You didn't think I'd actually tell you what it was, did you?!!! lol

The first set on the Walking Away the Pounds DVD, was the One-Mile Walk. I did some side-stepping, knee-lifts, back-kicks, and front-kicks, as well as just plain march in place. For the second half of the mile, I used two 2lb weight balls. I did some arm-lifts: up and down, side to side, and front to back. After the mile, I did some small stretches in my legs and arms.

Nothing major, today. Just a small Mile, but I did it! So, yay for me! I think I'll celebrate with a big chocolate bar!! Just kidding!!!

In other news around here.....

The boys are doing their schoolwork. Lane and Jacob are actually enjoying their Division work. I'm beginning to wonder if my boys have been envaeded by some Math Crazed Monsters!! LOL Blake is enjoying his Math, too. But, he did last year, as well. So that's nothing new!  Landon does school work, too! lol His consists of Word World and other programs on PBSKids. Today, he came to me and spelled SCHOOL, HAT, and PIG. He was so proud of himself! As was this Momma!!

Anthony is off work today, but he's not home. He's getting ready to go hunting this weekend with his Dad and Brother. He's taking Lane with him. And speaking of Hunting and Lane.... Lane got his very first deer Saturday!!! He was so excited!!! He can't wait to go again, this weekend. Anthony has been trying to get his gun sighted in, before he goes, so that's what he's doing today.

My brother and Sister in Law are moving!! :(  :)!! I'm so excited for them! They have been waiting for this to happen for far too long. But, I am sad for me. In a way I am losing her, because we probably won't see as much of each other as we have been, but I will still see her every week. Maybe more than once, who knows. She'll only be an hour away, but and hour is much further than 2 minutes. We've talked about taking turns each week, and one day I'll go up to see her, and the next week, she'll take a day to come see me. But, that may or may not happen. Depends on everything that is going on in our lives. Maybe sometimes, she can come down for the day, and we'll go out to see Mom and my Sister. We have so many ideas that we've talked about. I know I'll miss those moments of calling and popping over whenever we wanted, though. But, our goal is to one day move also. It just may be awhile. We're not in a place in our lives where we can move just yet. Gotta take care of some things first. And it's not like we've never talked about it before, anyway. Anthony has always wanted to move to the Conway area, but it's never been an option for us. Now, it's become one, so he's really wanting to do that. We may wait til Spring to put the house up for sale, then see how long it takes to sell.

Well, I need to make my 1 Mile count for something. Time to get some work done around here. Get the boys finished with some schoolwork and fix lunch for those ever growing hollow legs!!!

I'll update tomorrow!

Proverbs 31:17 ~ "She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms."

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