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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here's Jacob's Chart. He had completed 3 LightUnits when we posted this. The point to the pictures, is that when the blocks get colored, certain blocks are for special prizes.


  • The barn - animal crackers for a snack
  • Library - extra book on Library Day
  • Bank - could be a quarter (I'm not sure yet)
  • Home - last one and will be a special surprise (when I figure one out)

 The sheet of paper had directions on it, with the ideas for prizes. I am having to change them up some for financial reasons, but they will enjoy it.

Each colored block stands for a certain LightUnit:

  • Red - Bible
  • Green - Math
  • Yellow Green - Reading
  • Orange - Social Studies
  • Light Blue - Language Arts
  • Light Brown - Science
  • Brown - Music (for Lane)
  • Purple - Art (for Jacob)

 For Blake, we'll use what ever color he picks for that day.

Eventually, I may use a chart for Potty Training Landon. Might use a couple for Jacob and Blake, to track how many days they can wake up dry. Whole other story there. Anyway, we've thought of many uses for this one little ART project of Jacob's.



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