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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Features

Another weeklypost I'd like to do on Fridays, is to let others know of some things I've found on the internet. It may be a cool site I found, a good deal I know of, or anything I think is worth mentioning (whether you do or I happen to see a deal that I got from someon else, I will give the credit to them.

      The first site I want to let you know about is A Thrifty Mom. This is one of the first sites that my sister, April, told me about, when I first started really using coupons. She has an awesome site. Check it out and start saving!
      Thanks to A Thrifty Mom I went to this site and got a great coupon for playing a little game. It was a cute little game that didn't take too much time. It asked for some quick info, and then sent me to the game. If you win, you get a $10.00 grocery card, if you lose, you still get the coupon for dole fruit for $.50/1. It's also a daily game, so you could get more than one coupon, from my understanding.
      Go to Minnesota Mama's Must Haves for a great giveaway. It's a cool trael coffee mug that is suppose to cool your drink as you sip it. Check it out and enter.


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