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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My First Review

Teresa offered me a chance to have this book, if I'd review it for her and give it a little advertising. Due to illness, a funeral, getting ready for being gone this next month, and many other things; I am just now getting around to it. So sorry, Teresa.
I loved reading this. Since I'm having surgery this December, this won't work for me this time. But, I'll definately put it into action for next year! For only $5.00, I'd definately recommend this e-book.

The Holiday Kit

This min-eBook is packed full of ideas and fun for you and the kids. . The final chapter alone is worth the price. The cost for this jam packed book is only $5. Teresa is a prolific author but has put this book out solely as a fundraiser to get her family to Disney World.

Log on today and get your copy for only $5.

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I grew up with the holidays being a very stressful time for my family and for many others. I am the oldest of 5. So I watched my mom try many things to be organized and ready, yet there we were hours from opening gifts and she was sweating it out, last minute.

I also grew up with a very organized grandmother who only had the one child, my mom. She was amazing, always finished and always decorated to the max, enjoying the holidays. I figured it was the fact that she had so few to buy for and my mom, bless her heart was just swamped.

And I’m sure that had something to do with it. But as I got older and left home, I too found myself stressed, over budget, relying on credit and panicking when the bills came in January. I didn’t enjoy December’s parties and was always busy. I dreamed of hot chocolate by a fire, I dreamed of listening to songs and peacefully decorating, but it never seemed to happen.

So it was, in college, stressed already and sick of it, that I set out to attack it like a scientist. I made theories, I tested them, I revised and reworked until the perfect solution arrived and worked!

That’s when my new identity began. It started right after Thanksgiving. People asking me about shopping and gifts and such and I would tell them that I was finished, under budget, in cash, all receipts cataloged and all was wrapped, in the attic waiting for the day. Year after year, same story. Year after year, same question, “How?”

So at this point I am hearing some of you through the miles and time saying ….continued…..

Table of Contents-The Holiday Kit
Chapter 1 Supplies
Chapter 2 Put It Together
Chapter 3 Staying On Budget
Chapter 4 Let MORE Fun Begin!
Chapter 5 Money Day
Chapter 6 It Gets Even Better
Chapter 7 Finishing Early- But Why?
Chapter 8 Next Year
Chapter 9 This chapter alone is worth 5 bucks
Really great gifts you can make or buy for little or no cost.

*I was not paid to do this review. I was simply given the book to look at and try out.*

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