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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Plan For the Next Week and a Half ~ Part 2

Today, I am continuing yesterday's post on the things I'm trying to get done before my surgery.
I got the laundry done, the unpacking finished, the towels folded, the clothes put up, the desk situated, the bills paid, and part of the shopping done.
The unfinished shopping trip was not something I could help. I had been in the store for a whole 5 minutes, when Hubby called and said he had to go back to work. I did manage to get two Christmas Gifts (I already knew what I was after before getting there), before he'd called. So, I put the other gifts on hold and quickly got what groceries I HAD to have last night, plus a couple of items that were on the list as I walked past them. I was home in about 20 minutes. So, that's not finished, but maybe it will be soon. I'll probably try again tonight.

Today's things to be done are:

* More School ~ Lane is ready for his Math Test and Jacob finished his Bible Workbook and is ready for his L Arts Test.
* Clean My Room ~ Just like the desk, I can't seem to keep this clean and organized. I have so little space to put things, and it all seems to end up here. /Check
* Do a Load of Towels ~ That's an everyday job. / Check
* Finish the Shopping ~ If I have time.
* Mix up Some Bread Dough to be Baked on Wednesday ~ If you only use 1 package of yeast, then you can let it rise overnight. / Check
* Clean the Laundry Room ~ For whatever reason (and I haven't discovered it), the Washer and Dryer constantly have a layer of lint all over them. So, I need to clean them. / Check

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