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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Shoutout!

 Today's Shout-Out goes to Son #2!

   Jacob is seven and a half years old. Poor thing inherited the old Family Curse. I don't know if he has a small bladder or if it doesn't work right. Anyway, he finds it very hard to stay dry at night. He sleeps so soundly, he doesn't wake up to go. I have had to keep Goodnites on him, so he doesn't have to wake up soaked all the time.
   Well, about 2 years ago or so, I made a deal with him. If he could stay dry for 7 nights in a row, at home (Grandma's, Nanny's, or anywhere else didn't count due to extenuating circumstances ~sp?), I would take him to the movies. Just Jacob and Momma!
   Well, he has now been dry for his SIXTH night in a row!!! If he can make it ONE more Night, we get to go to the movies! If he manages to do this, we have to go Monday Night. If he manages this, I am NOT making him wait til AFTER I recover from surgery! And Monday night is the ONLY free night I will have!
   Lord willing, he will make it to the end, and nothing will prevent us from going. I'm not too keen on going Monday night, but we have to wait til Daddy gets off work, so he can keep the rest of the boys for me. Plus everyone's gonna want Supper. The NERVE of some people! Expecting to eat! Ha! :)
   Jacob is so excited! I hope he can do this. It will BREAK his heart if he doesnt go the WHOLE 7 nights. To make it to 6 and then not go all the way....but he knows that the deal is 7 nights, not 6.
   So, I ask all of you to Pray for Jacob. Pray he makes it all the way! GO, JACOB!!!

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