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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joshua 6-10

Thursday, January 4, 2010
Joshua 6-10

Joshua 6,is a very intersting chapter, to me. We all know the story of the Walls of Jericho and how they fell.
You know, the Bible doesn't say, but can you imagine what the people of Jercho must have been feeling? The terror they must have had in their hearts? Put yorself in their shoes, for a moment. I think it might put a whole new light on this story, and the awesomeness of what happened.

Here you are, shut up inside the walls, because you are scared of these people, the Children of Israel. You've heard all those horror stories of what they did to all those other people.
One day, you see something strange. These people are marching around the city. That's it. Just marching. No noise coming from them. You're very frightened by this. You don't know what it means. What are they doing this for? When they've gone around the city once, they are done. They go back to their camp. WHAT were they up to? You just can't uderstand it. They made no sound, and they just went around the walls and left.
The next day, they do it again. Everyday after that, for six days, they march silently around your city. By now, you're a nervous wreck. What could possibly be their motive?
Then, the seventh day, they are back. Only this time, they don't stop. They go around a second time. Then a third and a fourth. Again and again. You count seven times. You're very scared, now. Then, they start shouting and making all kinds of noise. This terrifies you. What are they going to do? Then an awful thing happens. The walls of your city are crumbling to the ground. How did that happen? The last thing you see, is an Israelite coming at you and your family. You know you are about to die......

Can you just imagine the fear and trembling that was in these people? I get shivers when I think about it.

Anyway, tomorrow's chapters are Romans 5-8.

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