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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Doctor Visit

   Off to the Doctor, we went again! This is getting ridiculous, don't you think? My poor Baby has been through enough already!
   Last night, right at bedtime, Blake and Landon were playing. Landon began to cry and tell me, "Blake!" This meant that Blake had hurt him. I couldn't find any marks and Blake wasn't sure what he'd done, so I comforted Landon for a few minutes and then decided to put him to bed. He was still fussing, but he'd been cranky since he'd gotten up from his nap, so I decided he was just too tired. As I was putting him to bed, he said. "Arm. Hurts." When I raised it up to look, he cried. But, I couldn't find a mark. I told him to go to sleep. I figured if he went on to sleep, he was probably alright.
   As I was putting Blake to bed, I asked him if maybe he might have hurt Landon's arm somehow. He thought about it, and said that he thought he'd pulled on it. Great! My thought was, Landon might have Nurse Maids Elbow, again. This had already happened twice, in October.

October 8, 2009

   This picture is from when Landon had Nurse Maids Elbow back in October of  '09. We do not know how he did it, because he was by himself in his playpen. The Doc at the ER had a hard time fixing it, but sent us home anyway. A few days later, I reached down to pick him up and it popped again. I had to take him back to the ER. They did not look pleased. They asked if I knew what caused this, and why I hadn't been more careful. I apologized for not thinking, and the Doctor proceeded to tell me that "We all do stupid things with our children at times. I let one of mine fall down a flight of stairs!" Oh, brother! First you're fussing at me for this happening twice in a row, then you're calling me Stupid. Your making me feel terrible, and you're making me feel two inches tall, then you tell me that YOU did something terrible, too. What kind of a doctor is this guy?!!!

   But back to last night! I decided that I was NOT taking him back to the ER for this. I'd let him sleep and deal with it in the morning, if it was really Nurse Maids Elbow. I was really hoping it was not. He woke up a couple of times during the night an cried, but went right back to sleep when I checked on him.
   This morning, he couldn't use his arm. So, I called the Doctor's Office and told them what happened. I told them why I didn't want to take him to the ER. The lady making the appointments remembered when I'd called before. They'd not had any available appointments then and had sent me to the ER. This time she talked to a nurse and told me to go ahead and bring him in. The Oncall Doctor would see him.
   So, the kids and I loaded up and took him on over. The Doctor was one we had not seen before, but she was very understanding and kind. They gave him some Motrin and some Juice, then she popped it back into place. She stayed and watched him for a few minutes. She got him to move his arm and even showed me (on Blake) how to fix it myself if it happened again. I had told her that Lane had also had this happen twice when he was two. She said apperently my kids were prone to this, but it was no big deal. If it happened again, bring him back, if I couldn't fix it myself.
   While we were there, I had her go ahead and check his ears for me. Our regular doctor had wanted me to bring him in tomorrow for a check up anyway, to see if the shots cleared up the infections. She said they looked good and healthy, but still had some fluid behind the eardrums. By the time we left, Landon was back to his happy little self. But, I hope that was our last doctor visit for a LONG time!

Between the kids and myself we've had the following illnesses since the first of the year:
  • Major Sinus Infection ~Me
  • Pneumonia ~ Landon
  • Double Ear Infections ~ Landon
  • Brochitus ~ Lane and Blake and I think I ended up with it as well
  • Flu ~ Blake and again, I think I probably got a touch of this, as well
  • Viral Rash ~ Landon and Blake
  • Bad Coughs ~ Jacob, Lane, Blake, Landon, and Me
  • Sore Throat and Ears ~ Me
  • Fever ~ Landon and Blake
Plus, I had just barely gotten over my hysterectomy when this all started! I'm still not feeling well, myself, but I think the boys are all finally on the mend. The doctor told me that one of the main reasons I wasn't getting well, was because I wasn't getting enough rest. Well who can sleep with all this going on? lol One day, maybe, I'll get my sleep all caught back up....I

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  1. Wow you guys have been through alot lately!!! I hope you get a break from it now. I'm sending you great big hugs and thinking of you! I can't believe what a jerk that ER doctor was. :( So much for bedside manner...
    Let me know if I can do anything for you! I think of you often, even when I've been too sick to be on the computer much lately. **HUGS** If you ever need me my email is mamamirage at yahoo dot com. I check it more often than I am able to check the rest of the World Wide Web so that's the fastest way to get ahold of me if you need emergency prayers or anything else you can think of that I can do for you.


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