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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Our entire family has had the flu since last Tuesday. Anthony and ALL FOUR boys got it Tuesday, Anthony was better by Thursday. I woke up Thursday, with it. The kids and I are still pretty sick. Anthony had the stomach flu (as well as Lane), and the rest of us had the regular flu (as did Lane).

I had Blake in the ER on Saturday Morning around 3:30. They tested him for flu and it was positive. I already was sure that's what we'd had, but that confirmed it. I took Landon to the Doc, later that morn, around 9:00. He also had another double ear infection. (I had to set up an appointment with an ENT, for the end of the month.) By Noon, I was exhausted. I was still sick and hadn't been to bed yet (Blake had been having trouble breathing, so I'd stayed up with him til I'd decided he needed more than I could give him). I got a bit of a nap, then at 9:30, that night, Lane began to experience severe pain in his chest and stomach. I thought it was probably just muscule pain from coughing so much, but with his Asthma, I didn't want to take a chance on it being pnuemonia. So, back to the ER, I went. We finally got home around 2:00 in the morn. There had been two major emergencies while we were there. Finally, after being there for four hours, we found out that, yes, he had pain from coughing. *sigh......* Oh well, at least it wasn't pnuemonia.

So anyway, the point to that:
The boys and I have been very sick. We've been so couped up this winter.And the weather was beautiful yesterday.
So,after Lane and Jacob did a bit of schoolwork (and Landon had gone to sleep), I had the three older boys go out to play. When Daddy got home, Landon woke up, and we all went out for a bit. Anthony got the bikes down for the boys, and I had him get Landon's trike down, also. Landon had never been on it, before, and he couldn't reach the pedals, but he enjoyed sitting there and being pushed.
Blake got a new bike in October, for his birthday. Since the weather has not been "bike friendly", he hasn't gotten to ride it much. He was enjoying this ride.
The older two got new bikes for Christmas. All three bikes came from Grandma and Pappaw. Lane and Jacob also have not gotten to ride much since December.
Landon was loving having Daddy and Momma help.
Then, Daddy got out his bike. Yes, that's Momma on there, too. I used to ride a bike, with a skirt on, all the time, when I was a kid. Just not one with a bar on top. It was kinda hard getting on and off with that tight skirt. But, I did it. And Anthony didn't think I could. He wasn't even convienced I could ride a bike period. lol I don't guess I've ridden a bike our entire 11 1/2 years of marriage. Funny.
Thought I throw in this one, too. The boys put a hat on Landon, last night, and he liked it. He looked like Bubba! So, I had to get the pic.
They are all still pretty sick, but it was such a nice day. I heard a ton of coughing throughout the night, but they enjoyed themselves. And isn't that all that really matters, anyway?


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