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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Job 31-33

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Job 31-33

Job 32:1 "So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes."

:2 "Then was kindled the wrath of Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram: against Job was his wrath kindled, because he justified himself rather than God."
:3 "Also against his three friends was his wrath kindled, because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job."
:4 "Now Elihu had waited till Job had spoken, because they were elder than he."
:5 "When Elihu saw that there was no answer in the mouth of these three men, then his wrath was kindled."
   Job had been talking for several chapters, and had said so many things to them, they didn't have anything else to say to him. Elihu had kept quiet this entire time, because they were older and he wanted to be respectful; but when the other three didn't say anything, he was angry at them for not saying anything, and angry at Job for sayin the things he'd said.

Tomorrow's chapters will be 1 Samuel 1-5.


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