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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


   As many of you might recall, we went to Oklahoma, April 16-18, to see Anthony's older brother, and his family. It had been almost 5 years since we'd been there, so we were looking forward to it. We also got to see my youngest brother's house, on our way.
   We had a busy, crazy, fun-filled weekend. We enjoyed ourselves (except for the fact, it rained on us almost the entire weekend) with one activity after another.
   We left home on Thursday evening, to go see Cody's house. We spent the night with my cousin, Daniel (Tera and the Twins were out of town), and got up Friday morning to go the rest of the way. We could have made the trip in one evening, but knew that the nephews had to be up early for school, and we didn't want to distract them Friday morning.
   We got to town a little after noon. None of the nephews knew we were coming, so we surprised all three of them. Such fun, that look on their faces! LOL
   It started raining almost immediately. It didn't rain very hard or very long that time. After we went to get the older two nephews from school, we all went to a nearby park, and took pictures of all seven boys. We wanted to have a picture of all seven for Grandma, for Mother's Day! I just got copies this week, so enjoy!

I think this is the one we gave Carol.
Landon, Garrett, Blake, Jacob, Justin, Lane, Connor

I really like this one with them all on one rock!

They kept us rolling at times.
Jon and Jen's three ~ Justin 9, Connor 11, and Garrett 4
Our four ~ Blake 5, Lane 10, Jacob 8, and Landon 2
Blake and Garrett
Lane and Connor
( I guess we never took one of Justin and Jacob)
I had one of these made in black and white!
Anthony and Jonathan
Prince Landon
I LOVE THIS ONE!! I had a big 8x10 made of this one
(I just cropped the date off)

   Saturday, we went to Garrett's soccer game, Justin's birthday party (Justin and Anthony had birthdays the next day), and Church that night. I got to see my childhood friend (still is ;) lol) while we were there. Her husband was the one preaching that weekend.
   Sunday, we had two services and a potluck in between. We left that evening and made it home after midnight. We were exhausted, but had loads of fun! Next time we go, maybe things won't be so hectic, and Jen and I can go shopping, and we can take the boys to the zoo, or something. Lord Willing, it won't be five years from now!


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