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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Extreme Makeover ~ Home Edition

Phase one has begun. We got the ball rolling. I'm so excited about getting started with the painting! I have pictures of the colors I've chosen, some empty nearly empty shelves, and full boxes. The paint color pictures are not great, but maybe they will give you an idea of what we've chosen. Yes, I said we... Anthony helped pick the floor color. Actually, I let him decide which color he liked best and whether we painted or stained the concrete.

Our Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, and Boys' Room will be this:
This is Behr Paint ~ Cricket UL200-18

It matches the curtain in my Kitchen
and the boys' new bedding.

The Laundry Room, Bathroom, and Our Room will be this:

Behr ~ Simply Blue UL240-15

It goes very well (I think) with the blue in the shower curtain.

The Boys' Room, Our Room, and the Laundry Room will be accented with this color:

I didn't get a sample, but the paint color is Behr~ Cacao UL160-22.
For the Boys' Room, I'll use the Cacao to paint their bookshelf

and the boards we'll put on their closet.

Eventually, the plan is to get new comforters in this color, and curtains for the window and closet.

In Our Room, I'll also do curtains in this color, and I might attempt to paint a strip of Cacao somewhere on the walls in Our Room. Top or Middle, I'm not sure, yet.
And I haven't fully decided what I'm doing with the Cacao in the Laundry Room.

These are terrible pictures, but for the floors:

This is Behr Concrete Paint ~ C70-33 Pyramid

And we're going to put these Tan Mix Decorative Color Flakes on it.

The floor will be hard to do, at first. The hardest, but most important part we'll do is (after we pull up the carpet and clean the concrete) step 1: wet mop the concrete (very wet but without water standing in the floor) and then pour Cleaner/Etcher on it. Then, take a Brush Broom and scrub it in very well. Wait 15 minutes and mop that up and Shop vac it. When it drys, then we move to step 2: Concrete & Masonry Bonding Primer, which will help the paint bond to the concrete (causing it to be very chip resistant). Step 3: painting the floors. We'll have to paint it in 3 square foot sections and sprinkle the pait flakes on the wet paint. When that's done, step 4: sealing the whole floor. The floor is the last thing we'll do, and we can't put the furniture on it for probably three days.

So, the 24th, we need to get the carpet and linoleum up, clean the floor, etch it, fill in the holes from the tack strips, spackle the walls where needed, fill in nail and screw holes in the walls, and texture the spots that need it.
Two days later, I'll be ready to paint the ceiling (if we decide to do it) White. After that, the walls will be painted, then I'll start on the floors. Priming, painting, and then sealing. While I'm waiting on the floors to be ready to move furniture in, I'll paint the boys' shelf and the boards for the closet. That's the plan anyway. Everything is definitely subject to change. LOL What isn't?

But, before ANY of that can be done, I have to get EVERYTHING out of the house. So far, I've nearly emptied all the shelves in the house.

Really, this shelf is quit empty! You would have had to see it before to really know.

All of our books, picture albums, DVDs, Cd's, unused school supplies, paperwork, and other misc items have been packed in boxes, waiting to go to the garage.

Anthony also was able to get us a 10' by 10' Storage Room, so that will help.

Well, that is the beginning of our 'LITTLE' makeover! Hope you've enjoyed the pics!


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