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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Simple woman's Daybook ~ 26

FOR TODAY... August 31, 2010

I am thinking... that I'd sure like to be done with this house project.

I am thankful for... Jesus, who died on the cross for me.

I am wearing... Brown pants and a Yellow shirt.

I am remembering... what it was like as a child, going with my Mother to visit a couple of the elderly ladies we knew. We would go and visit with them and have a great time.

I am going... to take the boys to visit and elderly lady they know, this week. Lord willing. We tried last week, but ended up with a sick Landon.

I am currently reading... The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis.

From the learning rooms... Things are going well. The new room we are working on, is coming along. We have walls, now. My Brother-in-Law will be coming over for the next few days, to do the mudding and taping, then I can paint the walls, and the floor. It's about 8ft x 10ft. We had some leftover floor paint, so that's nice.

I am creating... a new room for the boys to do their schoolwork in. :)

I am hoping... to get some more boxes gone through this week.

On my mind... What do I want to get my Sister-in-Law's Sister, for her wedding, Saturday?

Noticing that... We have a few crickets in the house. I've found 4, already, and we are still hearing at least one more!!!

Pondering these words... Psalm 93:4 "The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea."

From the kitchen... I made Sugar Shape Cookies for the boys last night. They loved them.

Around the house... we went through some boxes over the weekend, and found some more school supplies I had been looking for. I have boxes still unopened, that I don't know how we ever lived with so much stuff!

One of my favorite things... Nieces and Nephews!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Too many to list, one of which is to go to Lindsay's wedding, Saturday! Yay!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... (or 2)

This was taken the day we pulled up the carpet and linoleum. It took Dad and Warren 2 hours to get up the paper that was under the linoleum in this spot  ( 3ft x 5ft, maybe).

Same wall, several days later! My camera does not give the green enough justice.
Everyone who walks into the house has loved the green, and been shocked,
 because they thought it would look different after seeing pictures.


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  1. Maybe the crickets you are finding like the wall color...hehe! :P


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