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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Redoing The House Part 1

So, here is one of the promised posts!

   So, I sent the boys home with Anthony's parents, Wednesday, July 21st, for the rest of the week. They were to bring them home Sunday Morning, in time to go to church. During those days, I worked at getting all the stuff around here boxed up and ready to be moved out, so we could start pulling carpet Saturday Morning.

   By Thursday Night, my house looked like a disaster area. I had boxes and furniture all over the place. Keep in mind, I have NO IDEA where it all was stashed in our little bitty house! :)
I still had some things that were NOT boxed up, too.
I also had to figure out what to do about this!
By Friday Afternoon. I had more done.
This is what my Living Room looked like by Friday Evening.
I had cans of paint and other stuff in the Hall floor.
This is all that was left in our Bedroom.
Anthony pulled up the carpet, to see what the concrete looked like underneath.
Friday Evening, Dad, Mom, Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Linda came to help get stuff moved out. The guys helped Anthony take all the furniture from both Bedrooms to storage. By the time they got back, it was too late to move all the boxes to the garage. Setback number 1!  We decided that they would go home and get some sleep and come back in the morning and finish. Anthony and I went through all the boxes in the Living Room and separated them out. We had a pile for the Garage and a pile to go to Mom and Dad's that couldn't be hot. (Candles, Pictures, Crayons, etc) Then, we went to bed, too. We knew we had a lot of work to do, if we were going to get everything we wanted to get get done on Saturday.

To be continued......


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