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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Definition: Education

I found this post on, and it spoke to my heart.
The original post was found at The Shades of Pink. I wanted to share this with my readers, because it's pretty much how I feel about why we homeschool our boys. I pray that one day I can say the things about my boys, that she says about her kids, at the end. (All the things they are able to do.)
   So, here it is:

Definition: Education
   I homeschool.

Everyone who knows me knows I homeschool.
But if they had to guess my reasoning they’d be wrong.
   Sure, I had my reasons when we initially began homeschooling: issues with the school, bullying, etc. But those reasons changed and morphed and took on a whole new life.
   Everyone I know who homeschools does it for the same reason: To give their child the best education possible.
   The issue that comes in to play is the definition of education. Some pile their kids high with books and programs so that nothing is left out. Others let the children lead, through unschooling. Some teach the dead languages. Others feel that Japanese is the way to go. Some insist upon a stringent course of study. Others insist upon taking their time.
   And so now I can tell you why I homeschool. Be sure to brace yourself, I am a bit of a pariah in the homeschooling community.

   I home school because kids only get to be kids once. They only have X number of years before the responsibilities of adulthood take them over. They only have so much time to relax and have relatively carefree lives.
   I don’t want my children worrying nonstop about a math test that is coming up before they can fully grasp the concept. I’d rather give them chance to figure it out.
   I don’t want my children to feel pressured to grow up too fast in the public school environment. I’d rather them mature at their own rate.
   I don’t want my children staying up until 2am to finish a report on a book that has no interest to them and no cultural value whatsoever. I’d rather work with them to pick and choose books that have meaning.
   I don’t want my children to dissect a poem and try to figure out what the poet meant when he/she wrote it. I want them to decide how the poem made them feel.
   I don’t want my children to learn about history without seeing both sides. They need to know that even the “bad guys” think they are doing the right thing. It’s all about perspective.
   I don’t want my children to grow away from each other as schools seem to promote. They need to know that while friends come and go siblings are forever.
   I don’t want my children to grow away from God. They need to develop the tools to live for Him while they are still young. They have years to defend their beliefs, I just want to take a few years to help them learn how to do so.

   Are you waiting for specifics? Well, they can do everything the “average” kid can do. They can also repair lawn mowers, bake cakes, sketch incredible pictures, and write music. They can grill burgers, pull weeds, do laundry, and help replace alternators in mini-vans. But more importantly they can sit and hold a conversation with their 88 year old great grandmother, they know how to get on the floor and play with their 1 year old cousin. The teens will cuddle and hug their younger siblings. They volunteer their time and money to help others without batting an eye.
   They are all best friends (their words not mine). They help boost each other up when their reach falls short... They hold each other’s hands when fear sets in… And they guide each other in their steps, no matter how rocky those steps may be.
   And I suppose that’s why I home school. To give my children the best education possible. And my definition of education is the same as the the Free Dictionary’s: A knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process.


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