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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Cleaning ~ Day 6

Day 6!

I'm determined to do more, today! Landon has a low grade fever and a runny nose. Makes for a cranky kid, but he's been easy to keep occupied, and now it's naptime.

My goals for the day (I need it written down, or I forget what I wanted done):

* Kitchen ~
     1) Dishes
     2) Shine my sink
     3) Clean the stove
     4) Clear off the counters
     5) Sweep the floor

* Bathroom ~
     1) Toilet
     2) Tub
     3) Sink
     4) Sweep the floor

* Living Room ~
     1) Sweep the floor
     2) Fold the laundry as it gets done
     3) Clean out the book shelf
     4) Clean off the end table

While I'm getting all this done, I need to see if there is anything I want to put in my Sister's yard sale, this weekend.

I'll update, tonight, about my progress.


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