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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Cleaning ~ Day6 ~ Progress

What's Sonbeam's progress? Check here!

Well, I spoke too soon, earlier. Landon got up from his nap and has felt worse and worse. He mainly just wanted to sit with Momma. So, work kinda got put on hold. Some stuff got done, but I decided that sick baby comes first.

So, here's what we DID accomplish:
 * Kitchen ~
     1) Dishes in dishwasher
     2) Sinks are shiny
     3) Stove was cleaned

* Bathroom ~
     Lane wipes down the potty every day, as part of his daily chores, but, once a week, I go in there and give it a good cleaning. I got that done. But, that was when Landon woke up, so that was all that got done in there.
* Living Room ~
     The oldest two did some stuff in here, while the youngest two were napping. Yes, my 6 yo takes a nap. Occasionally. Especially on Wednesday. I want him awake during church, that night. Anyway, back to the cleaning.... The boys were able to finish their schoolwork and do the following:
     1) Book shelf cleaned out
     2) End table cleaned off
     3) Laundry folded as it came out of the dryer

Since I ended up having to quit and take care of Landon, I didn't get the floors swept, or find stuff for my Sister's yard sale. (Which is fine, if I don't get to that, since I'm planning to have my own...eventually.)

Landon is coughing and has a bit of fever and a runny nose. He still isn't asleep, either. I think he can't breathe so good. :( Poor Baby!

Since Landon is sick, I won't be gone to my Sister's, tomorrow, as planned. Maybe I'll go in the evening, after Anthony gets home, but that will depend if April feels up to it. I'm suppose to be helping her get some of her yard sale stuff together. But, since I'll be home, now, maybe I can finish today's list and get some more done in the living room. Here's hoping!


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