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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!!!!

Hoping 2011 brings with it good things!

I've decided to post a few resolutions today, and then add to them. I'm thinking I'll try to get them on my sidebar, so that I can keep looking at them. Maybe I'll stick to them, then.....

So, here they are!

2011 Resolutions
  1. Make our new budget work
  2. Be thriftier in my grocery shopping
  3. Make healthier meals
  4. Lose the rest of my weight
  5. Read and Study my Bible EVERYDAY without fail!!!
  6. Continue getting the house the way I want it
  7. Get the rest of the boxes done
  8. Have a yard sale this Spring
  9. Be a better Wife
  10. Be a better Mother
So, there you have it! Have a great day!!


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