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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Word World Birthday Party

*This post has tons of pictures!*

Landon had his 3rd birthday, May 13th. He LOVES Word World. Actually, that's an understatement! LOL Anyway, he desperately wanted a Word World Birthday, so my SIL, Nicole, and I put our heads together and came up with some cute things. Then, we asked our friends, on Facebook, if they had any ideas. Our dear friend, Audra, had some excellent ones!!! Thanks, Audra! Your ideas made the party!!!

We had the party at Will and Nicole's. 1) Because we wanted it outside, and no room here. 2) Had to change, last minute, from Mom and Dad's. Mom and Dad, Will and Nicole, the Twins (Meredith and Seth), Isaac (my other nephew), and Johnny and Carol (the other grandparents) all came. We had a total of 15 of us.

First we grilled hot dogs and ate supper. Then we had the three little ones find letters to spell Landon's full name. They had a blast doing that. Sad thing is, we didn't think to take pics of this game. We had all the letters they needed, plus the rest of the alphabet (in different colors) taped onto the side of the house. They ran back and forth between the letters and the grandparents, till they were done. When they finished, we spelled the words.
After the game, Landon opened his presents.

Brothers, Lane & Jacob got him Crayons!! He LOVES to color!

Bob the Builder Hat!

Brother, Jacob, got him some Bugs, Frogs, and Bug Catcher Set, and a Pail and Shovel.

PJ's from Momma and Daddy

Cowboy Hat from Brother, Blake

Brother, Lane also got him a Coloring Book, to go with the Crayons


A Book and Small Stuffed Animals


Reading another card! 

Toy Story and CARS Puzzles!!!

He ripped the paper, and couldn't get it to come off his finger!! LOL

Nanny and Poppaw (my parents) got him the movie, Tangled! All three of these kiddos LOVE that movie. They call it the Dog-Horse Movie! LOL

Reading the card from Nanny and Poppaw

Grandma and Pappaw (Anthony's parents) got the Tractor and Fireman Mud Boots!

Uncle Will, Aunt Nicole, Meredith, and Seth got him a Tray to use while sitting on the floor. He LOVED it!

We got him a some games. ABC and 123 Matching Games and a Seek and Find Game. He was so excited!

Boy! What a mess!

The kids helped clean up the mess, so we could have cake!

My cutie of a Niece!! The Tiger was 1 of 3 Stuffed Animals, we pinned words to.

After presents, we had cake. Before we showed the cake, we played another game. If any of you have ever seen Word World, you know the songs they sing before and after building a word. Well, we sang, "Let's Build a Word", then laid out the letters C A K and E. We sounded them out,smooshed them together, and built the word. We then sang, "We Built a Word!", and out popped the cake!!

He loved building the Cake!! LOL

Nicole made the cake! She did an awesome job.

We sang Happy Birthday to him then

And blew out the candles

Then we all told him, "Landon! Share the cake! Don't eat the cake!!" He loved it! He just grinned so big. That came from an episode where the animals all tell Pig to not eat the pie but share the pie! One of his favorite ones.

We had a great time, but I cannot believe my Baby is THREE already!! As Lucy would say, "WHAAAA!" Where did the time go?

James 4:14 ~ "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."

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