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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Gifts

What We Got Our Family For Christmas
We get together with my husband's family every year, for Christmas.Usually the weekend before. This year, we all went this past weekend. He has two brothers, both of whom are married and the oldest brother also has 3 boys. With our 4, that makes 7 grandsons for the In-Laws. The other brother, as of yet, has no children. So, we total 15. That is a lot of people to try to buy gifts for every year. So, every Chistmas, we draw names, instead. That way, we only have to buy gifts for the amount of people we have in our family. We have six, so we buy six gifts. We try not to draw the names from our own individual families, but sometimes we do. We also do small Stocking Stuffers for everyone.

So, we have the Parents: Johnny and Carol, Anthony and his Brothers: Jonathan (the oldest) and Ryan(the youngest), the Daughter-in-Laws: Jennifer (Jonathan's Wife), Amy (ME-Anthony's Wife), and Ruth (Ryan's Wife), and the 7 Grandsons: JandJ's Boys~~Connor, Justin, and Garrett - and Our Boys~~Lane, Jacob, Blake, and Landon. We also have RandR's Dog~Sadie, and The In-Law's Dog~Miss Dolly.
When we drew names last Christmas, we managed to not draw anyone from our family. These are the people we drew, who drew the name, and what we got them:

Ryan  Drawn by AnthonySome Bullets so he can go Duck Hunting
Jennifer  Drawn by MePioneer Woman Cookbook that I had signed for her and a couple of Mary Engelbright Books 
Connor  Drawn by LaneBattle Strikers Turbo-Tops Tournament Set
Carol  Drawn by JacobIroning Board Cover and Three Candles
Garrett  Drawn by BlakeTwo Big Transformer Cars
Ruth  Drawn by LandonA Giftcard for Maurices

Stocking Stuffers

A Box of Crayons for 6 of the Boys
A Couple of Books for the 4 oldest Boys
A book each for Blake and Garrett
A Set of Little People and a pair of PJs for Landon
A Glade Scented Oil Candle for Jennifer and Ruth
A Glade Candle and an "I Love Teaching Pin" for Carol
A Flashlight for Johnny, Jonathan, and Ryan
A Bike Nametag for Lane, Jacob, and Blake

What We Recieved From the Family

Anthony: Wrenches and a Hitch for the Cars From his Parents, A Knife from Ryan, and a Camo Shirt from Jonathan, along with a few other things
Amy: A Denim Skirt, Kitchen Towel Set, and a Small George Foreman Grill from the In-Laws, a Necklace/Earring Set from Ruth, and a Digital Frame/MP3 Player from Jennifer
Lane: A Couple of DS Games from Connor and Ryan/Ruth, alot of things in His Stocking, and a NERF DS Cover and a NEW BIKE from Grandma/Pappaw
Jacob: The Same as Lane ~ Just Different Games
Blake: A DS and NERF Cover from Grandma/Pappaw, a DS Game from Ryan/Ruth (or Jon/Jen ~ I'm not 100% sure), and an Airport GEO TRacks Set from Ryan and Ruth
Landon: A Stuffed Dog (that can be hooked up to the Computer and Pesonalized) from Ryan and Ruth, Kissing Elmo from Grandma/Pappaw, and A BIG Firetruck from Jon/Jen, plus lots of Stocking Stuffers

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