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Friday, November 27, 2009

Featuring ~ Hillbilly Housewife

A great website, I think you all should check out, is Hillbilly Housewife. She has great tips, recipes, and other interesting things on this site. The thing I like the most is her $45 Emergency Week Menu. This menu has been updated to about $70, due to price increases, but it is still a good price. It has no major meats in the menu plan, but that is because meat can be expensive, and she's trying to help you spend as little as possible. In a situation where you need an emergency backup plan, Beans are great things to have. Check it out and leave me a comment on what your thoughts are I'd love to have your input.
On a person note, I have tried a part of this menu. My guys are not big on beans, but a lot of the food is really good. I liked the beans tht we tried, and a couple of my guys lied a few of these foods. My guys are very picky, though. A surprising turn of events was the fact that all the boys liked the Creamed Tuna and Peas. They all have claimed to hate tuna and peas. But, I decided to try it anyway. I had meant to serve it on pasta, and make some of the Homemade Bread into Cheesey Garlic Toast. But, I must have lost my mind, because I totally forgot the pasta, until the rest of the food was finished. So, I ended up putting the Tuna on the Toast. They LOVED it. They have asked me to fix it again! Now, I have not tried to feed this to Anthony. He had to work late that night, and didn't eat when he came home. So, I still don't know if he'd eat it or not.
All things considered, we like the food we tried from this menu, and I would definately recommend it to you all.

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