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Friday, November 27, 2009

Plan For the Next Week ~ Part 4

So, today's plan is as follows:
  • Laundry ~ That stuff really piles up! / Check
  • Clean the Kitchen from top to bottom ~ I wish I had time to go through the cabinets, too. / Check
  • Vacuum ~ The whole house needs done, today. / Didn't get to this today.
  • Go to April's ~ I need to Vacuum and clean the Bathroom for her + whatever else she needs done that I can do. I'll probably do that tonight. If not, I'll go tomorrow. / Doing it Tomorrow
  • Clean the Bathroom ~ It already needs a thorough cleaning again. / Check
  • Schoolwork ~ The Boys still need to finish a couple of Workbooks, so we can start fresh next month. / Check

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