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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Last Day's Plan ~ Part 8

   Yesterday was a long day. I got almost everything on the list finished. Christmas gifts are all bought and wrapped. My things are all packed and ready to go. I know what odds and ends the boys want to take. Both the boys finished their Science Tests. And I took Jacob to the Doctor. He has Bronchitis! Ugh  Well, that's one more thing for my MIL to do this weekend. He's on FOUR different medications.
   So, I made it to the last day! I'm almost done, just a few more things left on the list. Today, is Prep day! What fun....I get to have only liquids (no milk) until Midnight. After that, nothing. I also get to take Dolcolax. Two this morning and two this afternoon. This is gonna be a superfun day! lol
   Today's plan (in between those frequent breaks) is as follows:
The last of the Laundry Check
Clean the Bathroom Check
Put up the new Shower Curtain Liner Check
Clean the Kitchen Check
Change Sheets on my Bed Check
Vacuum Living Room Check
Change Oreo's Bedding Check
Pack the Boys' Clothes Check
Gather Everything to go to Mom's Check
Pay the Bills and Pack up all the Paperwork Check

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