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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Thankfulness

It's 3:00 am, and I am about to get ready to go have my surgery.
   Today, as I go to the hospital, I am thankful for many people in my life. So many are helping me through this, and I love them all for it.
   My Mother ~ She's going to be there at the hospital all day today, tonight, and until the release me tomorrow. She's taking me home with her from there, and I will be staying there for Three weeks. The rest of the family are suppose to come Sunday, after Church.
   My Dad ~ For letting us envade his home for three weeks.
   My In-Laws ~ For coming up here last night and staying the weekend here with the kids. My MIL had to take two days off to do that. She's a teacher at their local school.
   Nicole ~ She has offered to come here and do a once over of the house sometime before I come back home. Isn't that the sweetest thing for her to do?
   Nicole's Mother (along with a few other Wonderful Women) ~ They have all been so kind to answer any questions I might have had and give advice they thought would be helpful. When someone has "been there done that" it's wonderful to be able to get info from them. Thanks Ladies!
   My Husband ~ He's tried very hard to be patient while I have gone on my Emotional Rollercoaster.
   My Boys ~ They are the best boys a Mom could wish for. I wouldn't trade a one of them for all the girls in the world!
   Everyone Else ~ Thanks for all the Prayers you've said on my behalf. I love you all!

May you all have a blessed day, and I'll be back on here shortly.
PSALM 118:24

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  1. Good luck today! I've been thinking of you! Been fighting off a rotten mean cold so haven't been online as much but I've been thinking about you and praying your hysterectomy goes well! **HUGS**


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