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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Plan For Today ~ Part 7

Only two more days left to do the things that have to get done. It's all getting done, slowly but surely.
Yesterday, I did the laundry (I'll have to do some more before Thursday, though), vacuumed the whole house, got the schoolwork packed away, and ran my errands, along with a few other things.
Today's Plan
Wrap the Christmas Gifts  ~  Check
Pack My Clothes and Other Items That I'm Taking to Mom's  ~  Check
Figure Out Which of the Boys' Clothes Need to be Packed and Which Ones
Can Last Them Through the Weekend  ~  Check
Dust ~ Oops! Totally forgot to do this one!
Figure Out What Other Items the Boys are Wanting to
Take and Then Weed Through Them  ~  Check
Take Jacob to the Doctor (He's been coughing for about 3 weeks, now. It's not really getting
much better and we've been giving him cough medicine.)  ~ Check
Go to April's and do Some Cleaning for Her  ~  Check
Make Sure I Have Plenty of Things to Drink Tomorrow (no milk)  ~  Check
Wash the Boys' Sheets  ~  Check 
Call my Doctor, Again (since they did not see fit to return my call yesterday)  ~  Check
Try to RELAX!!! Yeah Right! Ha!  ~  Not doing so good with this
Have the Boys Finish Their Science (they both have tests, then they are done)  ~  Check

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