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Thursday, August 19, 2010

They Know More Than You Think They Do!

   Landon, our two year old, keeps us rolling all day, every day. He is a sweetheart, a goofball, a flirt, and a BOY all rolled up in one! He starts from the moment he gets up and doesn't finish till he goes to bed. Today, I thought I'd share a few of his antics with you all.

 He mimics everyone, all the time. He knows how to count to ten, and he can do it in Spanish, also. With out the practice, he doesn't do it in Spanish very well, anymore, but he used to could. He sings and dances, trys to say the alphabet (he does pretty good) and loves to put puzzles together.

 Veggie Tales~Landon LOVES (and that is an understatement) Veggie Tales! He loves to sing along with the songs, and he can repeat the movies very well. One of his favorite movies is "The Ballad of Little Joe". Those of you who have seen it, will know the song they sing, "Oh, Little Joe!". Landon goes around the house, and at the top of his lungs will sing, "Oh, Yiiittle Dooooooee!" It's perfectly in tune. He knows exactly when to lower and raise his voice to make the music.
 His favorite part in that movie? The part where Little Joe (aka Larry the Cucumber) and the entire town has just filled the buildings with food, and then they see the dust storm coming. Little Joe hollors, "Everyone, run for shelter!!!" Landon has his own version. It's hard to explain when you can't see him do it, but I'll try my best. He stands very still, then as he takes off running, he yells (at the top of his lungs), "Ebyone, run ta peppa!!!" LOL The first time he did this, we thought he was saying something about Dr. Pepper. Then he did it during the movie! ROFL!!!!
 His favorite Veggie Tales Song? The Theme Song! If you've watched the movies, you know the song. I'll give you his version, instead. And keep in mind, he does it with the correct tune. "Ok, Lawy, get out der! Ok, dey beder not waf!" *starts singing* "If you like it, talk to tamatas. If a quas can make you miiiale! Hab we dot show fa you! Bege Taaales! Bege Taaales! Be Ge Tales! Bocadi, Celdawy, goda be, Bege Tales! begebegebegebegebege Be Ge Tales! (Aka: There's never ever been a show like Veggie Tales)" *Then comes the ending* "Brump" (Falls to the ground) "Shewmp! Ahahahahaha!!!" ( You know the part where Larry falls with his Tuba and blows the flower out and every one laughs?)
 His favorite Silly Song? "Bellybutton!"  "Beldy butum, Uh uh! Do I yest get yody pop?"

 Dollar Monies~ Today, I was visiting The Parson's Store (my Sister's pantry) to get a bag of tortilla chips to go with our supper. I handed two $1 bills to Landon, for him to give to the April. He handed them to her, and she asked him what they were. We thought he'd say monies. That's what he calls all cash, coin, cards, and checks.  Nope! He said, "George Washington!!!" *Up went my eyebrows, down went my jaw!* April had about the same reaction! We got so tickled at him. After we got done laughing, she asked him, "What else are they?" He very seriously replied, "Dollar Monies!" LOL

 Bible Verses~ Landon learned three Bible Verses, while at Nanny and Poppaw's for 2 1/2 weeks, as we worked on the house (I promise those posts are coming as soon as I can). I'll give you the referance and his version.
Matthew 5:9 "Peace are peace-makers! They be called da Chiwldwen a God!"
John 11:35 " Desus wet!"
Genesis 1:1 "In da beginnin, Ga ceaded da heban an de earf!!" (This one he can say with out any prompting!)

 Books~ One of Landon's favorite things to do, is to sit with a stack of books and look through them one by one. He has the stack on one side of him, and as he finishes, he sets them on the other side. When he gets through the entire stack (which could be 10-15) he starts from the top and reads them again, this time, setting them back in the original spot. He could do this for hours!
 One problem we have with this, that we are trying to deal with, is when his brothers go to get one of the books, since "he's not reading it, he set it down", he starts screaming at them to "gib it back! it's mine!" After dealing with the screaming, I then have to remind the others that this is the way he reads. He thinks that he's reading them, whether they are sitting next to him or in his lap.

 Movie's Over~There are a couple of movies that Landon loves to sit and watch. If I'd let him, he'd sit there all day watching them over and over and over again. But, I don't. Now he has a new saying. While shaking his head no, he says very sadly, "I watch Nions, Tigers,and Beears (or Bege Tales) anymore, I dust cwy it's ober." Actually, that's an understatement. He SCREAMS when they are over! So, we have quit letting him watch these two particular movies for a while. The lions, tigers, and bears movie is a Baby Einstine Wild Animals Movie, and the Veggie Tales one, is a Silly Songs Movie.
 He doesn't do this with any other movies, just these two. I don't know why he thinks they have to be on repeat. Maybe they aren't as long as he thinks they're suppose to be, or something.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed these goofy stories. I'll quit now. There are so many, that if you've made it this far, you'd be up all night! LOL



  1. He's absolutely precious! And such a smart little guy too! :)

  2. now we need a long blog on the "other" three boys and their personalities!


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