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Monday, November 23, 2009


Landon turned 18 months on the 13th of this month. He is the life of the party here. He loves playing and teasing and talking. He learns something new all the time. I decided I needed to post some of the funnier and more interesting things that he has done lately. So, here they are.

1. Ring Around the Rosy
Landon got some Little People for his Birthday, back in May. The last few weeks, he has really started to enjoy playing with them, other than holding and banging them. The other day, he figured out how to fit them into the holes of the little merry-go-round that came with one of the sets. When he got them all in, I went over to him and started spinning it, singing the "Ring Around the Rosy" song. He loved it. When I got to the part where they "all fall down", that's where it got funny! As you can watch it unfold in the pictures (for he kept doing it himself over and over), you will see this:
He spins the People and sings the song. "Ring, Ring, Roro! All Down!" As he says All down, he knocks the entire thing over (not gently, but quite forcably) and says, "NO NO!!!!!" (His version of Oh No) Then he gets up, grins his little self-satisfied grin and picks them all up, and does it all over again. I LOVE watching him do this! I get tickled every single time!

2. Burping!
Yes, Landon has figured out how to burp. But, that is not the cute part by any means. Last week, he burp VERY loudly. I looked at him with a Shocked look and said in a Shocked voice, "Landon! What did you DO!?" He replied, very sweetly, " Buwped." "You Burped?" I asked. He nodded and said, "Mess Mum" (Yes ma'am). I said, "Well! That was loud!" He just grinned his cute little grin (exactly like the above picture) and said, " Mu me!" It took me a second to realize that he had just said "Excuse me!" I think my jaw hit the floor before I burst into laughter! Now, everytime he burps, he very calmly and sweetly asks us to "Mu me".

3. The Wiggles
Many of you know who The Wiggles are, but for those of you who may not, they are a group of four Austrailian men who sing and dance for little children and make boatload doing it. Landon LOVES watching The Wiggles. I don't let him watch the movie we have everyday, but every morning when he wakes up, he asks, "Diddles? Psss? (please)". I always say, "not now". He then informs me that we're "Hum". (home) He started saying this after our trip to see Pioneer Woman. He kept saying "Diddles" that night, and I finally told him that the movie was at home. Now, he informs me that WE ARE home and he should be able to watch it. I have to tell him that "Yes, we are home, but the movie is NOT coming on right now". Sometimes he cries and says he wants to watch the "voovy" (movie) on the "veevee" (tv). But, the last couple of days, he's just looked at me as if to say, "sigh...fine." Not perfect behavior, but we're getting there.

4. Andy Griffeth
The other show he likes to watch, with the rest of us, is the The Andy Griffeth Show. We have been borrowing the DVDs of the series from my Sister. When we put the disc in the DVD player, he says, "Diffdiff?" (Griffeth) When the show starts, he begins to Blow real hard over and over. He's whistling with the show. He watched the boys do this. He also watched them snap to the beat. Now, he takes his hands, puts his fingers up to his thumbs, and shakes his hands up and down to the beat. He thinks that "snapping" is great fun. Then, when he sees Andy and Opie, at the water, throwing rocks in, he says 'Daddy!" and gets real excited. He has figured out that Andy is Opie's Daddy! Ha!

5. Sign Language
We have been teaching him a few Signs, since he was quite small. Sign Language is something I want to learn myself, and then teach the boys, as a second language, along with Spanish or something. He knows the following Signs:
Momma, Daddy, More, Thank You, Drink, All Done, and Ball.

He's working on Hat, Milk, Grandma, Grandpa, and Brother, but has't gotten them down pat just yet. He knew each one of those words (except Momma and Daddy) before he could say them. He can say all the ones he's not gotten down yet. Now, as he signs the ones he knows, he says them. It's adoreable.

Well, I think I've bragged on my sweet, little man long enough. LOL Not all the things he says and does are all that great. He's learned to tell me to "Do Way" (go away) and push on me, when he's mad at me. I think we've just about gotten him broke of that. And, he's been biting the boys. He made Blake cry the other day, and Lane and Jacob have both come and shown me marks from Landon's teeth. He's real good at saying "Towy" (sorry), though. He's hit the dreaded "Terrible Twos" this week, also. My sweet, smiley baby has turned into a whiney, opinionated little bugger.
His big, blue eyes make it very hard on this Momma to discipline him, but she knows it's GOT to be done.

Proverb 22:6 ~ "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

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